What is digital marketing?

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These days digital marketing is getting popular and many people seems to be searching What is digital marketing?. We can get result like Achieving marketing objectives by applying digital technologies and media is called Digital Marketing. This is in conjunction with online communications techniques including the likes of search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, e-mail marketing and partnership arrangements with other websites. These days social media marketing like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Advertisement (Boosting) are getting popular among us.

Digital Marketing means:

Identifying – the internet can be used for marketing research to find out customers’ needs and wants

Anticipating – the Internet provides an additional channel by which customers can access information and make purchases – evaluating this demand is key to governing resource allocation.

Satisfying – a key success factor is achieving customer satisfaction through the appropriate channel, which raises issues such as: is the site easy to use, does it perform adequately, what is the standard of associated customer service and how are physical products dispatched?

So, digital marketing is about utilizing digital technology to achieve marketing objectives. There is no essential need for digital to always be separate from the marketing department as a whole, as the objectives of both are the same. However, for now, it remains a useful term because digital requires a certain skill set to utilize digital technology effectively.

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