What is SEO and how it works?

EdTecInfo Desk 2021-Feb-25

  What is SEO and how it works? is searched often in google and you can find result like: SEO stands for “Search Engine O[.......]

What is digital marketing?

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How to create a system specification report in Windows 10

Sandip Pokhrel 2020-Apr-07

You can use System Information to create a full report of your computer specifications and save for later viewing or share with technical support.

How to check Laptop or PC full specifications in Windows 10

Sandip Pokhrel 2020-Apr-07

In this post I'm sharing basic tips for new users of windows 10 and one who want to buy new Laptop or PC .You can use the System Information to[.......]


madhavsud 2020-Feb-28

Google Camera is one of the wonders among Android devices. It is the holy grail of Google Pixel smartphones. After all, while other companies a[.......]

Do not make these mistakes on facebook which may ‘trouble’ for you

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In this post I’m sharing a few points which can be helpful for us to be secure while using social site Facebook. Posting p[.......]

Xiaomi Redmi 8A,with a 5,000 mAh battery

madhavsud 2019-Sep-21

The Redmi 7A unveiled back in May will get a successor next week, as Xiaomi has announced it will launch the Redmi 8A . The company a[.......]

Facebook Bans Self-Harm Images in Fight Against Suicide

madhavsud 2019-Sep-11

Facebook will no longer allow graphic images of self-harm on its platform as it tightens its policies on suicide content amid growing cr[.......]

iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max With Triple Rear Cameras

madhavsud 2019-Sep-11

IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones were unveiled by Apple on Tuesday ahead of the lucrative holiday shopping season. With the ne[.......]

Lenovo Yoga S 940

madhavsud 2019-Aug-27

The ultraslim Yoga S940 makes no compromises, featuring the latest Intel® Core™ processing and  up to 17 hours of battery[.......]

Xiaomi claims 40% battery left on Redmi Note 8 Pro after two days of usage

madhavsud 2019-Aug-27

    Redmi is hosting a launch event in China on 29th August where the company will be launching its nex[.......]

IOS 12.4.1 Update Released, Patches Bug That Enabled iPhone Jailbreak

madhavsud 2019-Aug-27

Apple has finally fixed an "unpatched" bug in the latest iOS update that had left its most up-to-date iPhones vulnerable to hacking r[.......]

You Probably Shouldn't Use a Random Cable to Charge Your iPhone

madhavsud 2019-Aug-16

If it looks like a charging cable, smells like a charging cable, and charges up your phone like a charging cable, it must be[.......]

5G Network How It Works and Is It Dangerous?

madhavsud 2019-Aug-15

The fifth generation of cellular technology, 5G, is the next great leap in speed for wireless devices. This speed includes both the rate mobile[.......]

Sagoon Lite

madhavsud 2019-Aug-14

  Sagoon app is a social app, which is accessible to users without their introduction, is a new use of technology.It will p[.......]