How to activate international roaming in NTC SIM card

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NTC is providing international roaming service from 2001; the service was available in GSM postpaid service only previously and now its available in Namaste prepaid. In this post, we will provide you the process to activate international roaming in NTC SIM card.

NTC International roaming service allows a customer to access the mobile network while they are out of their home country. One who have Nepal Telecom SIM with roaming service enabled can get access to mobile network during visit to foreign country. Tarrif of using the roaming call, SMS, data is expensive as compared to other calls made from the home country.


How to activate NTC roaming service

To activate/subscribe the roaming service in NTC GSM prepaid SIM card, you need to dial *1415*7# and activate the international roaming to enable the service or you can download and use NTC App to activate the service.


Whats the cost price?

The cost of NTC international roaming service is expensive as compared to the usage in Nepal; It will cost you more to call back to Nepal. The price varies from country to country. Ntc also says the price may vary due to the fluctuating Dollar rate. Similar is the case for sending SMS and Mobile terminating call. The incoming SMS service for the roaming number is free of charge.

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