How to prevent Students or Users from Creating Groups in Microsoft Teams

By: EdTecInfo

In this post I'm sharing about Group Creation in Office 365 and How to Manage who can create Office 365 Groups Using PowerShell or How to prevent Students from Creating Groups in Microsoft Office 365.

First Go to the Office 365 Admin center and create a new security group (not an Office 365 group). Name it something descriptive, like GroupCreators.

Secondly add the users for whom you wish to provide group creation policy.

Now Click here to download the GroupCreators.ps1 script file.

Open the text file and replace  with the name of the security group you created in step 1. Save and quit.

Fire up a PowerShell console and navigate to the script file’s directory, then run the script by typing .GroupCreators.ps1.


If you want to re-enable self-service for all users down the line (which you probably should!), just rerun the script with the following changes to the main variables:


$GroupName = "GroupCreators"
$AllowGroupCreation = "true"


For more details you can watch the video attached herewith.


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