Mi In-Ear Headphone in Nepal - Review

By: Sandip Pokhrel

Xiaomi  is one of the popular chinese electronics company which produce and sells products other than mobile phones. It sells a wide range of products like  Routers, TVs, Electric Scooters, PowerBanks, Speakers, Headphones etc.. The company also sells the Mi In-Ear Headphone, which cost Rs. 3200 while purchasing from official distributor of Nepal. Today I'm sharing my experience with this headphone, which I'm using since 2016.

Design of this product is premium with a metallic casing on the earbuds, the playback controller is covered with metal,  controller has a playback button and volume controllers as well. The Mi In-Ear Headphones also has what Xiaomi calls tri-band equalization that balances the high-range, mid-range, and bass of the device. Though it doesnot have a loudness as many users prefer you will surely love it after using it because of its overall features. If you want to buy it you can go through this link and request one where you can get just for Rs. 1800 only.

Author: Sandip Pokhrel

Address: Kathmandu

IT professional, who write guest blogs for tech sites.

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