Do not make these mistakes on facebook which may ‘trouble’ for you

By: EdTecInfo

In this post I’m sharing a few points which can be helpful for us to be secure while using social site Facebook.

Posting personal information on Facebook:

Whenever you post something on Facebook, always review it and think how much personal information you are actually sharing before posting publicly; Everything that you do need not be posted on social media at all. Therefore we should think before we blindly post something.

Updating Friend list:

We should always review our Facebook profile to check whether someone really needs to be on our Facebook friend list or not. If we have not spoken to someone in years or liked their posts on Facebook, there is very little reason as to why you would want to be connected so it is always a good idea to unfriend them.

Being friends with everyone on Facebook:

We should stop adding anyone and everyone to our Facebook account because it is a platform where we share personal information and we shouldn’t allow any random person to have access to it.

Setting up privacy parameters on our profile:

We should not keep everything public on our profile. Privacy is like the name of our school, college, office, business or even our hometown. Also, we should create a post and make it visible to only those people who can relate to it. Not everyone in our friend list needs to see everything that we post. We should keep our email, phone to only me or to friends only. 

Sharing details of our house, address and work timings:

Information like our house address, office timings and other such details may look routine; Never share such information on Facebook, not even while commenting on the post of anyone. This information could be a gold mine for your stalker.

Sharing photos and information of kids:

It is best to keep our kids away from our Facebook account, but if we like to post family photos we should always check whether or not we are giving too many details or not. These include what our kids like to eat, information around their school, timings, etc. Stalkers are always hunting for personal information like these.

Showing off wealth on Facebook:

If we bought a new car, won a lottery or just made some major investments, we should always keep our money matters private. Posting them on Facebook can have implications we didn’t think of .

Abusing someone verbally on Facebook or Messenger:

Never ever abuse someone verbally on Facebook or write filthy words. People can always take screenshots and use it against us later.

Sharing photos of personal documents like passport, flight tickets, etc.:

Sharing photos of personal documents like passport, certificates, degrees, etc. can lead us to danger at any time. These are personal and it is best to keep them away from social media. Also, it is a bad idea to post photos of our flight tickets on Facebook when we start your vacation.

Allowing everyone to tag you on photos:

Photo tags are another headache on Facebook. Always review the settings and do not let anyone and everyone tag on Facebook.

Using social media when you are drunk:

As we all know it’s a good thing to never drink and drive it's good to never use Facebook when drunk. Using Facebook after getting drunk may make you post things or message people whom you will never otherwise contact when sober. 

Advertisement and 18+ content sharing:

Never use a personal Facebook account to advertise by sharing your business in message or share anyone's post frequently. We should never share adult content via facebook message too, it can lead our account to blacklist and can be blocked. 

Author: Ashmee

Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

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